Local & International Freight Forwarding  - PRECISION & ZODIAK INTERNATIONAL

Local & International Freight Forwarding

Local & International Freight Forwarding

We have a robust local service we provide locally in Nigeria for Diverse industries in the country. We serve both the Oil & Gas Industry , Manufacturing, Business Outfit, Government Agencies, etc.

Local Freight Forwarding Services.

We are fully in ground and have vast expertise to handle your shipment upon entry into Nigerian Borders and onward delivery to any location in Nigeria. Among the services we offer with adept efficiency are:

  • Customs clearance
  • Air Cargo import and export services
  • Sea Cargo import and export services
  • Temporary Import Permit
  • Conversion to home use
  • Export and import documentation
  • Shipment documentation
  • Pre-Release and fast tract
  • Direct delivery
  • Logistics and haulage ( with technical partners)
  • Heavy lifting and deliveries ( with technical partners)
  • Local Sourcing and Procurement
  • OEM manufacturers representation
  • Ship Brokers
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Repair and Return processing
  • PAAR Processing
  • Customs Demand Notice and Response
  • Shipping Consultancy
International Freight Forwarding

We have vast network of partners and freight forwarders to liaise with to handle all international shipping and freight forwarding. We can handle pick up in various countries around the globe and deliver to Nigeria and other covered areas around the Globe. Our services in this regards are:

  • Cargo pick-up and Export from destination ( Ex-Work)
  • Airline or vessel charter
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Ship Brokerage ( Through partners)
  • Shipping from destination to various international destination
  • Cargo management
  • Equipment sourcing from different International manufacturers.
  • Handle Project cargoes and shipments.
  • Agency Service

Global Locations

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